International Workshop on Computational Models in Language and Speech

CMLS Workshop Program

Venue: Tatarstan Academy of Sciences (Bauman str., 20)
November 1, 2018

Participants Title
1 Natalia Bogdanova-Beglarian, Еkaterina. Baeva Nonverbal Elements in Everyday Russian Speech: An Attempt at Categorization
2 E.V. Sokolova Application of KEA for semantically associated structural units search in a corpus and text summarization
3 Marina Solnyshkina, Valery Solovyev, Vladimir Ivanov, and Andrey Danilov Studying Text Complexity in Russian Academic Corpus with Multi-level Annotation
4 Kristina D. Zaides, T.I. Popova and Natalia V. Bogdanova-Beglarian Pragmatic markers in the corpus “One day of speech”: approaches to the annotation
5 Бagdat Myrzakhmetov, Zhanibek Kozhirbayev Extended language modeling experiments for Kazakh
6 Boris A. Kulik, Alexander.Ya. Fridman Roles contradictions play in logical models of metaphors and presuppositions
7 Nadezhda Yarushkina, Alexey Filippov and Maria Grigoricheva Improving the Quality of Information Retrieval Using Syntactic Analysis of Search Query
8 Vladimir Bochkarev, Valery Solovyev and A.V. Shevlyakova Analysis of dynamics of the number of syntactic dependencies in Russian and English using Google Books Ngram
9 Elena Sidorova, Natalya Garanina, Irina Kononenko, Alexey Sery Logical-Ontological Approach to Coreference Resolution
10 Olga Nevzorova, Damir Mukhamedshin and Alfija Galieva Tatar Named Entity Recognition: Corpus-Based Algorithm
11 Rinat Gilmullin, Ramil Gataullin and Bulat Khakimov A Neural Network Approach to Morphological Disambiguation Based on the LSTM Architecture in the National Corpus of the Tatar Language
12 X.A. Naidenova, S.S. Kurbatov, V.P. Ganapol’skii Resolution of Ellipses in Planimetric Task Texts on the Basis of Cognitive Object Modelling
13 A.S. Vanyushkin, L.A. Graschenko An Overview of the Available Corpora for Evaluation of the Automatic Keyword Extraction Algorithms
14 Viktor Zakharov The Distributive and Statistical Analysis as a Tool to Automate the Formation of the Semantic Fields (on the Example of the Linguocultural Concept of ‘empire’ )